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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  September 14, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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beer cans which will suffer from aggressive tax on alcohol and sugar soda by the obama administration and in addition just made a half billion acquisition of anheuser-busch canneries. >> "cashin' in" now. >> today, forcing americans to pay for insurance, whether they want it or not. the president wants to find the holdout but is a better fix just making them pay out of their pockets for the care they get after an accident? >> plus, big brother for big kids. >> let's put on our try hard helmets and lose weight. >> chubby children being forceed into fat camps. will that be next in uncle sam is in charge of healthcare costs?
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>> an,er there's still $400 billion left of the stimulus cash. >> we just want the money! >> could all of it be spent in one place? it's a shocker you won't hear anywhere else, all that and wayne rogers is sounding the outrage alert. another financial crisis caused by banks behaving badly. wayne's uncovered the details. find out what they're doing this time and how you can stop t your money, your life, your show to stay ahead of the game, "cashin' in" starts right now. >> thousands take to the d.c. streets protesting massive government spending and the idea of massive government healthcare. many blasting democrats' new plan forcing folks to pay for healthcare insurance whether they want it or not, but someone here has a better idea. force the uninsured to pay their own medical bills even if you have to garnish their wages.
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hello, everybody. welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week, wayne rogers, jonas and tracy byrns and john layfield. welcome, everyone. ok, jonathan, so make it mandatory for the uninsured to pay their own medical bills and if they don't, garnish their paychecks? >> yeah, sure. absolutely. i mean, make it mandatory for people to pay their own god dang bills. healthcare is a commodity. that's what we do in this country. pay your bills. just like hamburgers or blue jeans or an i-pod or a car or anything else, you are responsible for paying for the goods and services you consume. there is no right to free healthcare. i know that's shocker to many, certainly in this administration, but a moral society is one that says individuals have a responsibility for paying their bills, whether it's for a tuna
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fish, mortgage or anything else. >> but wayne, we do have bill collection agencies in this country. if you don't pay your medical bills they come after you. we have a system in place. >> well, that's true, and jonathan talked about a moral society. you know, in a moral society in small communities in the old days, the people who have a lot of money, charitable organizations took care of a lot of this. i don't think you should garnish people's wages. i think you can assess part of that, but if somebody is in a poverty level, they cannot pay. it's up to the community at large to, i think, underwrite that. i'm not saying you do that as a matter of right. it is not. jonathan is correct. it is not a matter of right. it is a matter of choice. i think that in a responsible moral society, individuals have that same responsibility and so does the society to a certain extent. now, if some guy is making x dollars and he can afford it, you should take some of his wages to pay those bills, absolutely. >> wayne's worried about the
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poverty line. 48 some odd million people who don't have insurance, a lot are paying cable bills and running jet skis an choose not to have insurance. ly take this one step further. you should be forced to get health insurance so you don't even have these huge bills that you get to walk away from. >> what if you don't want it? >> if you shut up for a minute, when you go to the emergency room, you choose not to have insurance and those bills get passed on to paying people. that's socialism, and the government has to force it, just like they force car insurance. >> wayne made a point about the poverty level. we have medicaid in place to take care of a lot of that, medicare and medicaid. people who are wealthier, it is the same concept of saving for retirement. if i opt not to do that, that's my problem. maybe i think i will strike it rich later. maybe something is going to happen. my choice. same with medical insurance.
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if i don't want to dish it out every month, i run the risk of paying the bills if god forbid something happens. i don't think the government should force us to save for retirement, to pay for health insurance, to do anything. i work hard. i make the choices of what to do with my money. >> what i find interesting is that this is the idea of garnishing wages if you don't pay medical bills i'm thinking that the government is going to come in an garnish my paycheck, because i forgot to pay a bill and maybe i lost my job. it seems a little harsh. >> i hate the socialist outlook that this administration has. i think they have overstepped their bounds grossly. when you fire the c.e.o. of general motors, a publicly traded company you have overstepped your bounds in so many different ways. there are no wages to garnish. wayne is right. i'm not for universal healthcare but you have a 13.2% poverty rate right now and 300 million people in the country and 40 million people who cannot pay the bills period. you keep saying 47 million
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people but the truth is we're talking about 40 million people who don't have the ability to pay. somewhere we need to find a way to mitigate this expense and get them health insurance. >> there are no wages to garnish. >> here is the thing. people are out there protesting in d.c. and they're furious and one of the biggest complaints we hear from the american public, whether or not anybody is listening in d.c. is that it is the cost of what is being proposed that is astronomical, so finally we're coming up with another idea. leave the system alone. take it out of somebody's if they don't pay their bills. >> well, that's true, but i'm not sure that that's always the right answer either. we know that medicaid and medicare have been a disaster in many ways. in this new bill, for example, there is over $30 billion that could be addressed just from tort reform. there was no tort reform.
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let me finish -- >> jonathan, real quick. >> there is no tort reform in the bill. >> tort reform isn't going to make a difference. if you want to bring costs down -- >> $30 billion won't make a difference? you are saying $30 billion won't make a difference? you must be running a very big fund over there, jonathan. we should drop that piano on you, maybe that will work. >> thank you. the reason it is so expensive for those of us who help those without insurance is because of a program like medicare, medicaid, all the programs the government has in place to divert people who want to earn their own money and keep it to those who don't. that's what makes medical care so expensive. >> i like you both so much in your opinions. we're going to leave it there. we go from forcing the uninsured to pay for their medical bills to forcing chubby children into
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"cashin' in" returns now. >> you know how much of that nearly $800 billion stimulus has actually been paid out so far?
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less than $100 billion and john layfield says forget spending the rest of it to stimulate the economy. instead, give small businesses a huge tax cut with it. why do you say that, john? >> we haven't stimulated anything. we proposed or spent more money than this entire country's 220-year plus history an lost over 2 million jobs this year. give this to small businesses. small businesses an tax cuts. they employ over 50% of in the country. they lift people out of recessions. i'm a small business owner. i have been buying trucks, building websites, hiring people all year long. our government needs to give tax cuts to get these small businesses started. help out the entrepreneurs which is how america was built. >> we're talking about $700 billion that could be thrown out into the economy. that is a lot of money. >> thrown out from where? like this money is somewhere to spend? it has to be borrowed. >> it has already been
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appropriated. why not? >> we should not spend it. we don't need that much more stimulus. we have reversed the course in the economy. it would be best to not borrow the money to keep interest rates low. to give another income tax cut, most small businesses are sole proprietors and if we're going to borrow money to give a tax cut? we should just not spend the stimulus money. >> john, you're wrong. i'm not talking about an income tax cut. i'm talking allow me to deappreciate assets and that will allow me to spend more. >> i like the idea, because there are so many small businesses out there and they are responsible for 64% of the jobs created over the last 15
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years were from small businesses and the one thing that gets me the most about small businesses and why i'm an ally is government regulation is coming down the pike. it costs a small business with a low amount of employees 15% more to institute these financial regulations. it happened with sarbanes oxley. their doors closed. i am supportive of small businesses, absolutely. jonathan, the money is out there. the money is out there already. if you think -- let's say you're crazy. let's say i propose to you, listen, 64% of all new jobs are created by white people. will you create a tax free holiday for white people? >> that's irrelevant. >> stop playing favorites. >> we're not playing favorites. we're supporting innovation. thins are created in garages of somebody's house. >> a lot is created by big business as well. part of the hassle of taxs is every year they rewrite the rules.
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let's get a tax code devoid of regulations an put people's money back in the hands of the people who earn t. >> then you need to address our current congress, because that's not happening anytime soon. >> the funding has already been appropriated by congress. they won't take the money back and do nothing with it, why not give it to small businesses? >> why should you favor one group over another group. that's the point jonathan is making. why should it go to small business as opposed to somebody else. there is a better way to handle this. to john layfield's point, you can give investment tax credits to small businesses. it's been done in the past t can be done now. that's better than a stimulus. it could be a one-time shot. it could be a period over a certain period of time. give them extenned depreciation all of those kinds of things. there is no point in spending it. jonas is right. you have allocated the money, tell congress to give it back.
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>> if we give it back to congress, they will spend it on something else. they love spending money in washington. >> give it back to the chinese. that's where it's going. >> i would have rather have seen a tax cut than some of the stimulus spending we saw. we just had a tax cut that was financed by borrowed money a few years ago. we can't keep doing that. this country is not in a position to borrow money to give tax breaks to anybody at this point. this is a real panic. let's cool out and get out of debt slowly. >> and your point is good. the money is spent. we might as well spend it rationally and wisely. >> no, it is not spent. over $500 billion has not been spent. >> excuse me. it has been voted for but not spent. let me tell you something, you put 5 million people in washington and they will vote for anything and vote against anything, that's the way they do it. >> all right, coming up, don't want to put your kid on a diet?
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if you won't, the government will, a big brother plan that someone here
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>> i'm not going to fat with a bunch of fat kids! >> from big screen to reality, the brittish government thinking of forcing overweight kids to fat camps. seems harsh but jonas says we should do it here in the u.s. to
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rescue the healthcare system. how so? it seems mean. >> they have to take harsh measures because they have a bad healthcare system. you have to cut spending in healthcare. we are going bankrupt whether it is public or private. obesity is $1 or out of $10 spent, and there are not enough incentives to be thin with health insurance and the government is basically the organization that can force this. private insurance would probably charge people more if they were allowed to, to charge heavy people more. they can't do that, but we have to punish financially the obese and let them carry their own weight, so to say, to cut down overall healthcare costs. >> but to do it to kids? i have tears in my eyes thinking about the poor little kid who gets a letter that says hey, fatty, you got to go to camp. it breaks my heart. i can't believe they would consider doing this to society, let alone allowing the government to decide that my children's eating habits are inadequate. >> doesn't it bother you that
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they are overeating? >> then send the parents of the fat kids to fat camp. they will get a letter saying your kid should weigh this when they are four or five. the parents can refuse it. they don't have to do this. >> yeah, look, these kids, they're not going to get a letter in the mail. they're going to get an e-mail, because these big fat kids sit on the sofa, eat their chips, drink their so darks play their video games. you got to do something with them. i'm tired of cuddling these kids and getting a bunch of big fat film pes. tell them to go outside and play something. it costs $147 billion for fat people and i'm sorry if it offends fat people out there, quit watching the show and get on a treadmill! >> i'm glad you brought that up. $147 billion we're spending on obesity medical treatments. that's a lot of money. >> that should be those
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individual's burdens, sure, vitamins and salads are cheaper. it is cheaper to be fit but to round up kids an sending them to a fat camp is sinister. national healthcare means a lot to them. let them pay for it. >> how? >> you know what? if you are a reckless 17-year-old boy, your auto insurance is through the roof, if you are overweight, you should have to pay more for health insurance. i feel terrible for the kids. i don't feel bad for the parents. you are an adult and know what you are putting in your mouth. you pay for t let's go back to the cost here. again, we're talking $1,400 a year extra in medical costs on obese people that i'm spending, per person. >> i don't think the cost is really the fact. ideologically speaking, you have to say individual responsibility. the individual has to be ultimately responsible for themselves. you can't ask the government to
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to be responsible for whether you're fat or thin or everything else that goes on in your life. you have to take individual responsibility. that is your duty as a citizen. citizenship in the united states should not be quote, unquote, free. you should take some responsibility. >> how does that work with money, though? you have to charge them more for insurance or round 'em up and get them thin. >> those are the two choices. >> they're argument about the cost is exactly the justification of why the death panel talk is so real. i can imagine people making the same statistical claim, old folks are eating up the majority of healthcare. we need to get rid of some of the old folks. let's just off 30% of the old folks and save a ton of money. right now you're paying for the elderly as well as the heavy. that's what needs to stop. >> that is a death panel. would you insure an 8 a year old
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if there wasn't medicare? that's what you're talking about having people pay their way. >> that's when you get a job and get health insurance. >> everybody is encouraged to go out and take a little walk maybe later on this afternoon, after you finish watching this show. from selling cookies to fighting terrorists. girl scouts can be the new there was a time i wouldn't step out of the house without my makeup. now, it's no problem. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting night serum with high performance soy to even skin tone and active retinol to speed cell turn over. clinically shown to visibly fade brown spots in 14 nights. i even out my skin at night so it looks younger, flawless in the morning. (announcer) neutrogena tone correcting now you can fade and prevent discolorations all day. new tone correcting spf 30.
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>> time for what do i need to know for next week, tracy? >> the girl securities are being enlisted by dhept of homeland security, 3.4 million girl scouts are now going to be able to get there preparedness badge and for all kinds of disasters, and natural, man made and unfortunately includes terrorist attacks and i don't think it is bad and bringing the girl scouts into the current century, enlisted during the war and y2k and handed out pamphlets and get the badge, i wish their uniforms improved. >> were you a girl scout senate i was not, the uniforms were bad. >> i was and the uniformity were bad. >> this is a surprise, i wasn't a girl scout, either, and you need know the banks are not lending, and until -- asleep at the switch with the new york fed and once again, they have refinanced all of the banks and banks have a lot of money and are not lending and that is the problem with slowing down in the
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economy. >> we need money out there, jonathan, what do i need to know. >> sure we have been talking about gold on the show for years now and i know it is high, now at $1,000 an ounce, gut go back to 1980 and adjust for inflation it has been $2600 an ounce, and a stock is never too high to buy and low to sell and it is strong now and sgol, a security which holds physical gold, as one part of a portfolio. >> i've heard that before. jonas. >> inflation, i won't -- one of the best signs of the economy turned is gas demand is climbing, which is amazing and i thought it would be declining and valero is a gas refiner and, the spread is wide and demand rises, with a double dip reserves it is a good pick. >> john. >> roger federer will blow the u.s. open and major u.s. majored
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and nike, weak dollar, your buy. >> and nike ads, we have been watching. >> and his opponents are doing gretchen: hey, good morning. it's monday. september 14th, 2008. thanks for sharing your time today. we do start with a fox news alert. as osama bin laden release as brand new tape and a new warning to america. why, he says, president obama cannot stop the terror. steve: meanwhile, acorn caught in the act. they have impoll guised instead. -- they are threatening to sue fox news. brian: windsor taylor swift but kanye west doesn't think so.


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